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The Culinary Experience You Never Knew You Wanted


Meet The Chef

Alexander Lachnish

We love to create culinary experiences you can't get anywhere else. Together, we'll build a story, depending on your theme, occasion, personal taste, budget and guest list. From the ingredients used to the technologies the food is cooked in and the plates the dishes are served on, attention is paid to every detail . Unreal taste, presentation and ambience.

Tel: +972-542456203 |  Email:



For all occasions

Formal, informal. Private, corporate. we'd love to craft a night you'll never forget.



You choose your favorite foods, We'll assemble a divine menu

New & Innovative

We're constantly developing creative new dishes. Check us out on Instagram.

Sample Menu

Made with the best ingredients, both local & imported. Always fresh.

Foie Gras Parfait

Fucking Salmon

Centrifuge Gazpacho


Sous Vide Filet Mignon

Tropical Tapioca Soup

sample menu
Chilli gélle filled okra
Zoonder's 'eggs' cocktail
Balloon dog sugar sculpture
Green tea caviar  Mellon carambola raspberry gel cream
Mugaritz style potato stones, pictures from tonight's private diner I did at _urbano_myfoodlab Go's
Caribbean ceviche yellowtail
Buddha Foie Gras
Tapioca sugar dome

Don't be a stranger

Tel: +972-542456203 |  Email:


We'd love to collaborate. Tell us a bit about yourself and your needs and we'll be in touch.

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